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Nutty Novelty Graphics

My nuts identity

Meet Nutty. She's in charge of my new shop on etsy - Nutty Novelty Graphics

Her skills: drawing, designing, 3d modeling, etc.

Her passions: illustration for kids, books, origami, anime a few more secret ones...

She studied fine arts and she always had this elusive dream of becoming an artist… but never found the perfect technique. Traditional or computer generated, 2d or 3d? So much to try out there, so she said to herself, let’s try them all! That's why you will notice the variety of styles she's capable of producing! Which can be a burden and a mishap for marketing purposes.

Transferable skills (someone said) - that proved to be really tricky at the beginning, but less painful with time. Problem solving they say. Yes, always trying to solve other people's problems, never yours. Designer's predicament.

quick designs for my 'nutty' identity - the minimalist one

Nutty is my nickname or rather the nickname one of my dear friends gave me after working together for many years because she got to know me so well!

For people who don't know me, I used to work as a graphic designer since I was in my twenties (after graduating visual arts). I went through several career changes, mostly in related areas. Starting as an intern in a small advertising agency, then working as an employee for printing and merchandise companies, moving on to some retail experience in media departments, then closer to the dream job as an illustrator for a national newspaper; from there to Sanoma Hearst publishing where I started as designer for Cosmopolitan magazine and ended up as art director for only two years with the realisation that it wasn't my dream job as I thought at the beginning. After that, I braved a radical change to become a makeup artist for a national (Romanian) television. This move didn't work out as well as I was expecting, so there I was again pressing the restart button. Looking for graphic design jobs again, I met my friend Jurga (the one who calls me Nutty).

Whew, wasn't that exhausting? Wait, it goes on… another two years passed, then the financial crisis hit, which I survived in the same role… (lucky me) ...then had a go of going on my own freelancing but I realised my business skills were pretty low. I just couldn’t cope with the market in Bucharest. Then another job, and another job… until I decided I really need to try something else… After some introspection time, I realised I would love to go back to my traditional art skills but more in the direction of illustration. That’s how I braved another big change: travelling to the UK for a master degree in Illustration and Animation with the renewed dream of becoming a children’s book illustrator.

...which didn’t happen because I discovered 3D! And I had to try it, I just couldn’t help it!

3D studio Max became my new boyfriend. I was spending all my evenings and nights doing tutorials on digital tutors and other websites… until I graduated and then I was spending only the weekends this way… Keen to have an abroad work experience, I found a job here in Milton Keynes (where I’m based now), but it was still as a graphic designer… It seemed like I just couldn't get rid of this occupation. Heheh… but I persisted! I persisted with this 3ds Max guy and finally I even learned how to render with V-ray! That was in 2013 when many good things happened in my life, work wise and personal.

Yupeee! That was the moment when I started freelancing in archviz for local architects. Did that in parallel with my full time job… which in the meantime changed with a new one! 3D Visualiser for an automotive events company in Bedford. Beautiful experience. All good until I aimed higher… or so I thought… and moved to Oxford for a new job in archviz for one posh little studio. After about a year, however, I started working on my own again because the routine is killing me… always did! Then I got better at this thing with 3D and rendering and stuff… and that’s about all folks!

You know the rest… (or you can find it on facebook). Moved back to Milton Keynes and my life changed completely by becoming a mum. Ta-daaa!

...and as a mum, I'm more tempted to draw (and design) silly things for my daughter... and as she loves Halloween, I created a few colouring sheets for her. Then I realised I could maybe post them for a small price on my shop for digital download. My daughter loved them so hope your kids will too!

Thank you for your time! Stay tuned and follow Nutty!

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